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Pony Tails Kennel has been breeding puppies for a little over ten years now. Unfortanetly, we have many breeds that we no longer breeds - including Dachshunds, Labrador Retrievers, and the mixed breed Boggles (Boston x Beagles). Because these puppies are still very family oriented, we decided to showcase our lovely dogs.

Rosie is doing great, everyone loves her. She loves her big brother and follows him everywhere like you said she would! He has become very protective of her, it's cute!
-Kristen K.
In Picture: Boggle Puppy Rosie with her "big brother"

I wanted to give you and update on Cash. First and foremost I just want you to know that he is the most wonderful dog!! I will always own a daschund from now on. Thank You! He is sooo silly. Him and the cat have become the bestest of friends and play constantly. He is spoiled rotten. He was so easy to potty train....no accidents! I am sending a picture so you can see him, I did remember telling you I would send you updates. Well this has been the best year ever. Thank you again for the best dog ever. I would really like to get another one since I heard they can be real characters together. Hope you had a great holiday. I do wish I could figure out a way to keep him from shredding every toy I buy...within 10 minutes there is stuffing everywhere....lol. Again, thank you for this wonderful little dog!" -Jennifer