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Well we've had Sofie for only one week now and this little puppy is already so much a part of our family. As you can see she is so loved and so spoiled by all of us! :) she is the sweetest most perfect puppy ever! We are so happy that we had found you! And wanted to thank you so much for her! We will keep you posted from time to time on how she is growing! Thx again so much!

These Boston puppies look so cute in their new home with their mother, Kimberly.

Ollie is doing fine and enjoying his new home. He is giving us lots of joy and adapting well to the crate. He's been quite a hit with the neighbors too. We enrolled in a puppy class today and the ladies at the pet store spoiled him rotten! Thanks for making it possible for us to have this wonderful new little family member. -Beth

Mater enjoys bonding with his new family members

We just wanted to write and update you on Paisley. She is the sweetest, most loving little dog and we absolutely have fallen in love with her. Of course, that only took about two minutes, but in the last two months we have been having a blast. She is playful and energetic, but loves to snuggle and sleep in our laps.
-Alyssa with Paisley

Rocky enjoys his new owners!

Just wanted to give you an update on our puppy. I really thought she was a Lola but after getting her home I realized she is my little Riley. We love her so much. She is the sweetest little thing. Her personality has really come out now. She prances through the yard it is so cute to watch. I believe everything happens for a reason and that other puppy I fell in love with on your website was just not meant to be and I am so glad. Potty training is going well however I wish this rain would stop. I cannot thank you enough for reaching out to me [last Friday] with the news of another dog. I am so in love with her and she has made my heart complete once again. I have attached a few pics of our little baby Riley.
-Christine Alvey