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"It's been nearly one year since we picked up Sammy from you and we wanted to send you a picture. We love him very much and everyone that meets him comments that he is the happiest dog they have ever seen. He's been such a joy and he is very smart. We've taught him several tricks and will continue to teach him more. Thanks again for Sammy and hope all is good on your end."
-Mike and Audrey

"Swiper Puppy #4- Buddy loves his new home! He is a blessing to us! Thank you!"
-Justine Ellerman-Cucuzza and Jim Cucuzza

Minnie enjoys her new bed at home!

"Norm & I are getting settled into a new church in Upper Darby, PA. Unfortunately, the previous parish, Norman's first home, had to close in June 30th. We've been buddies now for 2 years. While he still gives me a run for my money, I cannot say how much of a joy he has been to me. And everyone loves him. He loves people and really hams it up for a belly-rub! Here are a few pics. Keep up the good work at Pony Tails Kennels. Thank You!" -Sean & Norm
"Happy New Year Lisa! It's Angel at 11months now. I am coming along just fine. I've had my first cycle. Hi Lisa, Angel is great, she loves to cuddle and chases anything that moves, even cars. It's too funny! I am so glad to have her, she's my buddy. Take care!"
-Helen Marshall & Angel

"Butters is doing great and we are having so much fun with him!" -Julie
"Hello, we have had Scarlet now for a least a couple of months and she is the joy of our life. When we picked her up, I said I would let you know how she is doing. She is doing wonderful. She is fully house broken and I have taught her to use, what we call a "twanger" (wire door stop) that is placed on my back door so she can tells us when she wants to go out or come in. She is so smart and such a happy girl. She so makes us happy. Thank you for such a loving puppy." -Lisa W

Buckey is an amazing dog and we love him dearly!